Practice Pad Time! This exercise will strengthen your weaker hand and help to make quick switches between paradiddle variations/rolls and accents. Start slow, and focus on timing and playing clean. Speed is a result of control. Here’s the PDF Sequence: Play “A” (right hand lead) followed by “1” Play “A” (left hand lead) followed byContinue reading “Rolling!”

Dinosaur Stick Control Jr.

“Practicing with a metronome is boring.” As an alternative, I recommend practicing technique drills, or stick control exercises to your favorite music. Find a song you like with a tempo that suits you, lock in the groove, and play away. As an inspiration, I’m leaving this short video here: Dinosaur Jr.’s “Tiny” feat. some GeorgeContinue reading “Dinosaur Stick Control Jr.”

The Loop

Often, the most simple exercises prove to be the most effective. I call this one “The Loop.” Here’s the sequence: 2 measures of 8th notes 2 measures of 8th note triplets 2 measures of 16th notes 2 measures of 8th note triplets It will improve your timing and transitions between the rates. Practice it withContinue reading “The Loop”