File 01 3

I sometimes write minimal piano music only to contrast it with busy, breakbeaty beckbeat explorations.  One part of me has a very methodical approach when it comes to practicing/playing the drums.  The other part needs to let go and sketch, improvise and flow – without thought.  Ideally, as an artist, I live a little bitContinue reading “File 01 3”

Rates & 16th Note Variations

As a drum teacher I’ve noticed that one of the most difficult things for beginner drummers is to switch rates, e.g., to go from triplets to 16th notes, and moving between different 16th note variations. This short exercise is designed so you can play along with me (or the click only), get comfortable with counting,Continue reading “Rates & 16th Note Variations”

KICK START – Get Ready To Play!

Aspiring drummers and drum set instructors! I updated my instructional drumming PDF “Kick Start” (40 pages). It covers basic reading skills and coordination exercises, and helps the beginning drummer to master her first beats, fills, and gain confidence on the drum kit. I’ve used it successfully in my teaching practice for almost two years now.Continue reading “KICK START – Get Ready To Play!”