Practice Pad Time!

This exercise will strengthen your weaker hand and help to make quick switches between paradiddle variations/rolls and accents.

Start slow, and focus on timing and playing clean. Speed is a result of control.

Here’s the PDF


  • Play “A” (right hand lead) followed by “1”
  • Play “A” (left hand lead) followed by “2”
  • Play “B” (right hand lead) followed by “1”
  • Play “B” (left hand lead) followed by “2” …. and so on and so forth

Dinosaur Stick Control Jr.

“Practicing with a metronome is boring.”

As an alternative, I recommend practicing technique drills, or stick control exercises to your favorite music. Find a song you like with a tempo that suits you, lock in the groove, and play away.

As an inspiration, I’m leaving this short video here: Dinosaur Jr.’s “Tiny” feat. some George Lawrence Stone’s Stick Control exercises 🙂

Rates & 16th Note Variations

As a drum teacher I’ve noticed that one of the most difficult things for beginner drummers is to switch rates, e.g., to go from triplets to 16th notes, and moving between different 16th note variations.

This short exercise is designed so you can play along with me (or the click only), get comfortable with counting, and develop confidence in switching beats while keeping the tempo.

Try to keep a steady quarter note pulse on the bass drum during the exercise.

If you’re wondering about the sticking of some of the variations, you can find them in my PDF Kick Start.

– Beck

Ps.: I posted both play-alongs in the educational section on my website.