Download “Kick Start” & “Time Well Spent”

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This short pamphlet is not a compendium of everything you can do on the drums. It does not cover rudiments and exotic rhythms, but instead focuses on establishing a basic, yet solid understanding of rhythmic values and shows how they are used in contemporary pop and rock drumming. By mastering the following exercises, you will be able to convincingly “fake” your way through just about any song on the radio and gain a firm musical foundation, which will set you up for further studies, whatever direction you chose to go.

Back to Basics! Great for folks who are new to the drums and want to kick-start their playing. I’ve used this PDF successfully with lots of my students.

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KICK START – Get Ready To Play



Time Well Spent


These exercises are designed for drummers who can “already play” a variety of grooves and fills, but feel stuck and are looking for fresh inspiration. Over the years, I’ve had many students who already played in bands but found themselves playing “the same old things” or didn’t know “what else to do.” At the same time there seems to be a lack of understanding of subdivisions and permutations. (“Do all those notes fit in one measure, really?” “16th notes are always super fast, right?”) If this sounds familiar, you might benefit greatly from the following pages.

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TIME WELL SPENT – A Handful Of Exercises That Work



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Follow up

Some of you asked for sheet music of the 16th Note Variations video. I did NOT write out all the grooves (on purpose – the goal is to improvise!), but here are all the variations on top of a basic beat. Each line is played four times before moving on to the next.

Download Sheet Music



16th Note Hi-Hat Variations in a drum beat

Here’s something I like to practice:

I’m improvising grooves while working my way through different 16th note variations on the hi-hat. I’ve found this to be a great way to come up with new ideas, strengthen my coordination, and improve my timing on the drums. Too often we drummers forget about the endless possibilities seemingly simple rhythms can offer, especially when applied in a creative, groove oriented way. Have fun! – bex out!

Time Feel Exercise

This is great exercise to deepen your pulse and improve timing on the drums. I start playing a beat at the downbeat, then move it to the “e” of the beat, then the “+” and the “a.” I’m basically moving through the 16th note grid, using each 16th note as a new starting point.