Just for a few minutes, let’s assume life is a game and your body is an action figure.

The goal of the game is not to reach the next level, slay dragons, or crack the golden nugget jackpot. In fact, every player in the game faces the same, inevitable destiny: death.

If anything, the purpose of the game is to discover the world around you, meet other players,  acquire new skills by using your unique talents and to express yourself in a creative and healthy way.

Based on a mysterious algorithm each action figure comes with a very unique set of talents, likes and dislikes, wants and dreams, and genetics. But it also comes with the gift of awareness, the ability to make choices, and to even change, enhance, and evolve some of its physiological and psychological predispositions.

The game and the action figure are constantly changing; in fact, change is their very nature.

One minute, the acton figure might be part of a big drama, dealing with trauma, heartbreak, material loss, illness, physical pain and suffering. Then, within a blink of an eye, it might fall in love, laugh until it struggles to breathe, run a marathon, win the lottery, or experience blissful states of ecstasy! Who’s gonna tell?

This action figure doesn’t believe it’s worth fighting to only experience the latter, but instead acknowledge and accept one’s action body fully—with all its premium features and flaws— so we can make healthy and sane choices that will benefit us in riding the waves of change; to fully enjoy the game when the waters are calm, and to have the stamina to stay the course when the sea gets rough.

There are many tools to help an action figure express itself optimally:

Meditation, lifestyle, diet and exercise are all part of the toolkit that can help you to make better choices for yourself.

I can help and assist you in learning and using those tools; together we can build your optimal toolkit — from one action figure to another.