Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics

Maybe Tomorrow by the Stereophonics, a hyme of my youth and still in my personal top 10. Great song to just groove along and sit in the pocket. Have a great rest of the week, BeckMore

Bomba de Corazon

This quarantine has me practicing stuff that’s out of my comfort zone. Good. That’s the only way to grow and get better.More

Quarantine Beats

What do you do if you’re a drummer and in quarantine? Practice, of course! I no longer have the luxury of an acoustic kit at home, but I don’t let that stop me from creating, practicing and experimenting. I’m using a Roland TD-17KVX and trigger Addictive Drums 2 through my MacBook Pro. Having said that,…More


Practice Pad Time! This exercise will strengthen your weaker hand and help to make quick switches between paradiddle variations/rolls and accents. Start slow, and focus on timing and playing clean. Speed is a result of control. Here’s the PDF Sequence: Play “A” (right hand lead) followed by “1” Play “A” (left hand lead) followed by…More

A Latin Feel

This one’s got a latin feel.  A while ago I learned to play the cascara pattern with my left hand, so I can play open handed which frees up my right side. I’ve worked on going back and forth between both sides – inspires me to play and try different stuff. More

Call & Response Idea

Here’s an example of a short phrase between snare and kick, and how you can develop this call & response idea in different contexts, e.g., swing, hip-hop feel, straight 16ths.  Exploring. Never ends. #beckbeat #drummerMore


This one’s for my friend, Dauven, because he asked me about the beat-shifting thing. Here’s an example with a click and a handclap on 2 & 4. Note: the high note of the click is on count “2.” I shift the starting point of the groove, from 1 to 1E, to 1&, to 1 A…More

File 01 3

I sometimes write minimal piano music only to contrast it with busy, breakbeaty beckbeat explorations.  One part of me has a very methodical approach when it comes to practicing/playing the drums.  The other part needs to let go and sketch, improvise and flow – without thought.  Ideally, as an artist, I live a little bit…More


I had to cancel most one-on-one lessons because of Covid-19, but decided to have a little fun and breakbeatify a Britney Spears classic. Stay safe, and keep washing them hands! Aloha!More