One-On-One Drum Lessons


Hi! My name is Beck.

I have been sharing my passion for drumming by teaching young adults and older (14 yrs +) who are excited to learn this dynamic instrument, from zero experience to advanced levels.

In 2003, I graduated from the Vienna Conservatory in Austria. Since then I have been teaching drums for over 17 years, privately in Vienna, AT, and later in my own teaching studio in Philadelphia, PA. Also, I was an instructor at the Vienna International School (2004-2006), at Chuck James’ Music School on Oahu, and published the book PLAY AS YOU ARE: A Collection Of Essays – Picking A Drummer’s Mind in 2015.


– What will I learn?

With every beginner student, and people returning to the drums, we will work through my curriculum, KICK START(You can get it HERE!). It covers basic reading skills, you learn how to read and play quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes and triplets, basic drum beats and drum fills, as well as accents, and master basic coordination between hands and feet. I tailor each lesson to support the student in becoming the best player he or she can be, and offer concepts to overcome any roadblocks along the way.

– Where are the lessons?

I’m available for lessons at WEST ONE HAWAII,  Honolulu, HI, 96813or at your home, or practice space.  (Honolulu area).

– How much are drum lessons?

  • 30-Minute Private Lesson @ your home: $30
  • 60-Minute Private Lesson @ your home: $60

Lesson Bundles:

  • Purchase 3 lessons upfront, and you’ll get 25% off your 4th lesson.
  • Purchase 4 lessons upfront, and save 50% on the 5th lesson.

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Pay-Pal, or Apple Pay.

No checks.

No credit cards.

– What is your teaching schedule?

I offer lessons every day except for Sunday. My normal teaching hours are 10AM to 8PM (In house) and 4PM-8PM at West One Hawaii. Having said that, I try to be as flexible as possible. If you have a sincere desire to study with me, we’ll work together to make sure it happens.

– What’s your cancellation policy?

Please let me know asap in case you can’t make a lesson/have to reschedule.
If you cancel LESS than 24hrs before the scheduled lesson, you’ll have to pay the full lesson fee.

– Do I need to buy a drum set if I am taking drum lessons?

No, it is possible to take drum lessons without owning a kit. To get started, you need is a Practice Pad (for quiet practice) and a pair of sticks. That way you can easily practice all the fundamentals of drumming. If you’d like to play on an acoustic kit between lessons, there are multiple rehearsal studios on Oahu (West One being one of them). I can help you with names /locations. The rates in rehearsal studios are usually between $15 and $30 an hour. If you’ve been taking lessons for a while, and have no option to play an acoustic kit, I recommend getting an electronic drum kit. I can help you with that, too.

– Can you teach me at my home, when I don’t have a drum kit?

Yes. I provide practice pads, stands, and sticks for an in-home lesson.


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