Rest in Groove

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Rocco Prestia, who inspired generations of bass players with his unique playing style and funky pocket, passed away on September 29th.
Rocco had a strong Hawaii-connection. I got to meet him once and had the honor to share the stage with him and play some Tower of Power classics. He was a sweet and humble soul, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share music with him.

Rest in groove, Francis Rocco Prestia Jr.

Oahu, 2018

Play As You Are

updates, ramblings & ruminations

“Play As You Are: A Collection Of Essays – Picking A Drummer’s Mind” was released five years ago, in September 2015.

Thanks to everyone who read it and a big shout-out to those who left a review on Amazon!

To celebrate, the title will be available for only $3.99 for a few days.

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