Linear Drum Fill

This one’s for my drum students!

Here are two great sounding Linear Fill combinations.

  • Learn the sticking (and footing) first, play it slowly and gradually bring it up to speed.
  • Make sure the pattern sounds even and not choppy.
  • Focus an clarity and groove first, the speed will come.

I demonstrate one example on the kit including three toms, but the possibilities are endless.

Play around and see if you can come up with your own orchestrations of the patterns!

Happy drumming and I hope to see you In Real Life soon!

Be well! – Beck

Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics

Maybe Tomorrow by the Stereophonics, a hyme of my youth and still in my personal top 10. Great song to just groove along and sit in the pocket.

Have a great rest of the week,


Quarantine Beats

What do you do if you’re a drummer and in quarantine? Practice, of course!

I no longer have the luxury of an acoustic kit at home, but I don’t let that stop me from creating, practicing and experimenting.

I’m using a Roland TD-17KVX and trigger Addictive Drums 2 through my MacBook Pro.

Having said that, nothing beats a REAL drum kit and I look forward to striking plastic and metal objects in rhythmic intervals, with carved wooden dowels.

Hopefully sooner than later.


– Beck


Practice Pad Time!

This exercise will strengthen your weaker hand and help to make quick switches between paradiddle variations/rolls and accents.

Start slow, and focus on timing and playing clean. Speed is a result of control.

Here’s the PDF


  • Play “A” (right hand lead) followed by “1”
  • Play “A” (left hand lead) followed by “2”
  • Play “B” (right hand lead) followed by “1”
  • Play “B” (left hand lead) followed by “2” …. and so on and so forth