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“Play As You Are: A Collection Of Essays – Picking A Drummer’s Mind” was released five years ago, in September 2015.

Thanks to everyone who read it and a big shout-out to those who left a review on Amazon!

To celebrate, the title will be available for only $3.99 for a few days.

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Rest in Groove

updates, ramblings & ruminations

Rocco Prestia, who inspired generations of bass players with his unique playing style and funky pocket, passed away on September 29th.
Rocco had a strong Hawaii-connection. I got to meet him once and had the honor to share the stage with him and play some Tower of Power classics. He was a sweet and humble soul, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share music with him.

Rest in groove, Francis Rocco Prestia Jr.

Oahu, 2018

Executive Order- All Bleed Red (Single)


Last September I recorded drums for the band Executive Order at Honolulu’s Blue Planet Sound recording studio.

The first single “All Bleed Red” was released today on all digital platforms.

I had a blast getting into character and playing some Rock again… back to my roots!

If you like some good rocking tunes, big guitars, a strong hook and in-your-face vocals, check it out.

Produced and mixed by Michael Cutting in Brazil, mastered by David Zaffiro (Nashville).

Online Drum Lessons


USPS is experiencing some delays, so I’m still waiting for my iPad adapter to provide a better Zoom experience, but I should be good to go next week. 

My old MacBook is huffing and puffing, trying to run #Zoom and #AddictiveDrums2 simultaneously. 


Used the downtime to shoot a short promo video. 

Quite the challenge to chop it down to a minute 🙂


If you’re interested, please DM me or contact me at 


Ps: Shirt by @mongiellocymbals!


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Zoom Drum Lessons


This Covid thing isn’t going away, so like everyone else, I have to make adjustments. 

I’m still waiting on some audio gear, but hope to offer online Zoom drum lessons soon. 


From hand technique, rudiments and chops, to timing and groove concepts, reading, or just how to get started… I’m happy to share what I’ve learned over my thirty-plus years of playing the drums. 

I’ll keep you posted on when I’m up and running!

Jay Keyz Project @ Theatrix Hawaii


Thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched our set at Theatrix Hawaii.

To be honest, it was weird to play for cameras and not a live audience, but we all had a blast and enjoyed playing music together — the first time in over 3 months!

If you missed it, you can rewatch it here.

Mahalos for all the support from near and far, Eric Ho, and the team at Theatrix Hawaii.

Next up, on July 8th, are Jasmine Nicole and FIA.

Timing & Coordination Groove Exercise


Aloha drummers!

Here’s a Timing/Coordination Groove Exercise I like to do. 

  • The bass drum plays a “Bo Diddley pattern.”
  • The left hand plays the 2 + 4 backbeat. 
  • The right hand moves through all the 16th note variations of a 4 note grouping on the Hi-Hat,  e.g.:

X… = Quarter Note (ONE e and a)

.X.. = 2nd 16th Note (one E and a)

..X. = the off beat (one e AND a)

…X = 4th 16th Note (one e and A)


2nd run through is BOTH hands in UNISON

This might be incredibly boring to watch (LOL), but it’s an exercise I’ve found tremendously helpful to develop coordination and good timing. 

Wanted to share.