Today we’ll start from scratch with a basic rock beat and some 8th note bass drum variations. You can download the free PDF here.More

Couch Drumming Pt.3

Welcome to the couch! Here’s a paradiddle warm-up that I like to do. #practicepad #drumming #drumpractice #paradiddle #rudiments This sequence is more tricky but is great for fine-tuning your hand technique,More

Playing For The Song Pt.1 ?

A question from a student triggered a memory from fifteen years ago… and you get to hear me play a Tom Petty chorus. Wanted to share. Thanks again for watching and your support! Peace – beckMore

Couch Drumming

Who would have thought, but the new sectional inspires me to make short drumming videos. Enjoy!More

Executive Order – All Bleed Red (album)

Ringing in the New Year with some kick ass tunes from Executive Order’s “All Bleed Red.” It’s now available for streaming/download on all digital platforms. Amazon ✪ Apple Music ✪ Spotify The band hired me to play drums on their album in 2019, and we cut the rhythm section tracks over a long weekend at…More


Executive Order’s new single “Wicked” got released today. Yours truly on drums. Happy Halloween! – BeckMore

“Around The Kit”

Here’s a fun exercise that will help you get around the kit more easily. I play each exercise twice, from 1 to3, without stopping, and then back down, from 3-1. Download PDFMore