Drummer & Musician in Honolulu, HI

Course correction.

Beck had it all planned out: play in bands, teach drums, record music, and navigate through the ups & downs of life in his native Vienna, AT.

Then Jack Dorsey thwarted his plans.

In 2011 he slipped on a tweet, tumbled out of his old life, only to parachute across the Atlantic.

With Philadelphia’s history of music and diversity dripping from every jawn, the Austrian gulped it all down and fell head over hoagies in love with the United States of America.

Following the beat of his own drums, the exhausting east coast pace and cold winters became the wind at his back, carrying him farther west, to the place he now calls home.

2020. The freshly baked American still plays in bands, teaches drums, and records music.

He also swims in the ocean, runs on beaches and spends his money on reef-safe sunscreen.

Sometimes you start out in the wrong place, is all.

Credits include Austria-based artists, Christina Stuermer, Louie Austen, Dzihan & Kamien, and Hubert Tubbs, Philadelphia singer-songwriter Katie Barbato, guitar legend James Burton, bass player icons Stu Hamm and Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), Hawaii’s Rock band Executive Order, and Honolulu’s Jay Keyz Project.